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Throne of Eldraine Saturday 11am Preregistration

Throne of Eldraine Saturday 11am Preregistration

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$30.00 In-Store Pickup Only


Registration 10:15 - 11 am
11am Start Time Deck Build

Entry Fee: $30 cash
Every Participant receives a Prerelease Kit containing 6 x Throne of Eldrain boosters, Promo pack (promo-stamped rare/mythic from the set, promo-stamped standard rare/mythic, “FNM” promo treated card, MTG Arena code card that can be used 5 times per account).
Participate in 4-round Swiss tournament (play every round no matter if you win or lose).
Prizes: Throne of Eldrain booster packs awarded, based on win-loss records.
Experienced Judges will run the tournament and answer your questions.