Yugioh Events Page

General Tournament Rules
Tournaments held at Dream Wizards are recommended and open to players of all ages. An experienced judge runs the tournament and is available to answer questions. A store employee is often available to teach the game after 12:30 on Sundays. Tournaments consist of 4 or 5 Swiss rounds (players may participate in every round no matter if they win or lose). The length of time a tournament takes varies, based on the number of participants. Your deck must comply with the “Forbidden & Limited” lists.

Store Rules: No fast food is permitted in the store. Play space is provided to people registered play in the tournament. New players and customers are welcome to observe; others may be asked to leave at the discretion of store management. Players are responsible for their possessions. Management takes no responsibility for player’s cards or other personal items. 

Weekly Sunday Constructed Tournaments
Always check Calendar for date-specific prizes, information, or schedule changes.
Registration: Noon - 1 pm. 
Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: Current OTS or other booster packs, occasionally playmats, and/or other items. Prizes are based on Final Standings after the completion of Swiss rounds. Some tournaments randomly award Door Prizes. Everyone is always guaranteed 1 or more participation pack(s).
Tournament Info: Your deck must contain legal cards based on current  Konami rules  All players may participate in all tournament rounds, win or lose. The number of rounds, as well as the quantity of Top Finisher prizes is based on attendance. An experienced judge runs the tournament and is available to answer questions.

Sneak Preview Events - 1st chance to get new packs- before they go on sale!
• Sneak Preview Event Package $20 - includes: 5 new packs & promotional card.
Check Calendar for prizes, information, and times. (Scheduled on a Sunday, in January, April/May, July/August and October/November.)
Exclusive playmats are randomly awarded at Noon, and later to constructed tournament participants.
• Sneak Preview Constructed Tournament - $10 entry fee. 
Similar to the weekly tournament (described above), but includes Door Prizes and Special Rules: Your deck must contain legal cards based on the current Konami rules; plus you can use cards from the new set! 

Official Konami Regional Qualifier Tournaments
Konami sponsors and Dream Wizards hosts these large competitive tournaments at a hotel or other location, Fall and Spring, please check the
Calendar or Konami’s website for dates and locations.