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Ogre Reinforcement Pack

Ogre Reinforcement Pack

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'The G.E.V. and Shockwave supplement you've been waiting for: battle-ready replacements for scuffed-up counters and crumpled maps, along with four multi-map scenarios! New rules include towing options, random Ogre damage, and the variant Ogres previously only available in The Ogre Book. Fight to recover crippled Ogres on The Day After, deliver a crippling punch to a Combine industrial complex in Body Blow, or Fake Out the Paneuropeans by concealing your true objective until it's too late!'A supplement for Ogre and G.E.V. which includes a full set of counters from each game and a set of the Shockwave supplement counters. Also includes the maps from G.E.V. and Shockwave which are used in the multi-map scenarios. Expansion of the Ogre/G.E.V. line.Expands: Ogre G.E.V. Shockwave Microbadges Buy It Buy It - BoardGameGeek

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