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Treehouse is the current box game for Icehouse PiecesFrom the publisher:Treehouse is a simple-yet-challenging new Icehouse game for 2-4 players! Complete and ready-to-play in just one little tube, Treehouse is the perfect entry-level game for the Icehouse game system. The tube contains 15 pyramids, like the existing Icehouse Pieces product (LOO-015). However, instead of the pyramids being all one color, the Treehouse set comes with 3 pyramids each in 5 different colors. A special D6 gives each player the option to Aim, Hop, Tip, Swap or Dig each turn, trying to rearrange their initial 'tree' of pyramids to match the three in the 'House,' which serves as the goal for all players. Designed by Andrew Looney. Available in 2 color schemes: Rainbow (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black) and Xeno (Purple, Orange, Cyan, Clear, White.) Includes a custom die.Video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taPkw5pTX9s - BoardGameGeek

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