Pokemon Events Page

It’s always best to check the Calendar for up-to-date information and schedule changes! 
Pokemon play opportunities are recommended and open to players of all ages. Dream Wizards has enjoyed a consistently wonderful community of players for 17 years! 

Weekly League and Tournament:
• Pokemon League
 - 1 to 5 p.m. Free! Play games with fellow Pokemon enthusiasts. Learn to Play! A store employee or community member is usually available to teach the game after 1 p.m. All league participants earn Pokémon promotional cards (or other items) just for playing. League is a good place to learn how to build an effective deck.
• Casual Tournament - 2 p.m. start time, $5 Entry Fee. Every participant receives at least one Pokemon pack. Players will enjoy 3 or more Swiss rounds (win or lose, participate in every round). Tournament length is based on the number of participants. Approximately once per month the Casual Tournament is replaced by a League Challenge (see below).

Prerelease - General Information:
Prerelease tournaments are exciting events designed for Pokemon players to use the newest cards in a tournament setting prior to the official on sale date. These casual tournaments are an ideal setting for new players to learn how tournaments work. Experienced players enjoy collecting and creating new decks. Pokemon Professors (Judges) are on hand to assist those who have questions or need help! In recent years, prerelease tournaments have been held in January, April/May, August, October/November. Please check the Calendar for dates and details. 
• Prerelease - Sealed Format: Build a deck using 6 new packs. Play in a Swiss tournament (players are paired every round, win or lose). Players are pared within age-based (3) brackets. Earn 2 additional new packs and a “prerelease”-stamped promo card when you finish playing. 
• Prerelease - Booster Draft: Separate sign-up, begins at the conclusion of the Sealed Format Tournament (approximately, 3 p.m.). Participants receive 6 booster packs. Draft, build a deck, and participate in a single-elimination tournament. Prizes to top finishers. All participants receive a “prerelease”-stamped promo card. 

Organized Play Tournaments - Important Overall Information: 
An experienced judge is available to answer questions. Swiss rounds (win or lose, participate in every round). Players are pared within age-based (3) brackets. Tournament length is based on the number of participants. All players earn Championship Points for participating. Top finishers earn additional points, booster packs and other items on occasion.  Late comers can be added to the tournament with Round 2, and receive a loss for Round 1.
• League Challenge - Entry Fee: $8 (all age groups)
Registration:12:30 - 1pm.  30-minute, single-game rounds. Players will need to bring a Standard Constructed deck; legal cards include in the 2017-2018 season include: XY Primal Clash through Sun and Moon Guardians Rising. New sets become legal 21 days after the official release date. All players earn Championship Points for participating. Prizes are awarded to each age group; they include Championship Points, promo cards, and booster packs. League Challenges are scheduled approximately once per month; see Calendar
• League Cup - Take place four times per year. Deck Lists are required; see Deck List Tool. Swiss Rounds followed by a top cut and single-elimination finals. Prizes awarded to each age group: Championship Points, booster packs, top cut playmats, and promo cards. Date and Entry Fee: TBA, see Calendar