Magic Events Page

300+ Sanctioned Tournaments each year, a variety of reoccurring and special events that recognize the scope of experience, skill, styles of play - casual to competitive, experienced, returning or new - all players will find good opportunities to participate in organized play.
Always check calendar for date-specific info, format, time, prizes, entry fee.

Weekly Events
• Thursday Open Play: 5 - 10 pm 
Play what you want. You’ll find a community with a range of ages and skill levels playing all formats and varieties of decks. Newcomers welcome; players available for pick up games and demos.

• Friday Magic4Kids Club (Ages 8-14, all levels of experience): 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Are you looking to meet a group of people your own age with a shared interest in playing Magic, learning and improving play and deck building skills?  No charge for regular meetings. Newcomers are welcome. Magic4Kids Club will not meet on dates when school is cancelled due to inclement weather. Always check calendar for date-specific information. 

Friday Night Magic - General Information: 
3 sanctioned FNM events include one of each format: Constructed, Limited, Casual. All sanctioned events award FNM promo cards, booster packs and/or store credit. Tournaments feature Swiss Rounds (win or lose play every round). An experienced Judge officiates. Judge and store employees are available to answer questions, provide deck building and game play advice, demo. See format-specific start times (below). All tournaments end approximately at 10 pm. Check calendar for up to date format listings, entry fee, prizes.

• FNM Constructed Formats - Modern, Standard, Legacy: 
Start Time 7:00 pm. 4 round tournament, regardless of size. Late arrivals may join beginning with round 2.

• FNM Limited Formats - Sealed, Draft*, 2HG:

Start time 7:00 pm. 3 round tournament, regardless of size. Late arrivals to a Sealed or 2HG tournament may join beginning with round 2. *Due to the nature of the Draft format late arrivals can’t be accommodated. 

• FNM Casual - Commander: 
Drop in and play for free from  4 - 10 pm. Sign up to be eligible to win promo cards. 

• Friday Night Open Play: 
Play more Magic! Join the crowd  4 - 10 pm. 

Occasionally Scheduled, Reoccurring Events
Please check the Calendar to confirm dates, Formats, start times, entry fee.

• Prereleases:
Most beloved of Magic Events! Appropriate for all ages and levels of play. Players use the newest cards in a tournament setting prior to the official on sale date. Everyone recieves 6 packs to build a deck and participate in 4-round tournament. Play every round no matter if you win or lose. Prizes (prerelease Magic packs) are awarded based on win-loss records. Experienced Judges run the tournaments and answer questions. Six start times - Saturday: Midnight, morning & afternoon; Sunday late morning/ afternoon. Please refer to calendar for Sealed and 2HG start times. Offered in January, April, July & September. Please check the Calendar to confirm dates, Formats, start times, entry fee.  

• Release Tournament - Draft Weekend:
1st Saturday after the release of a new Magic set. We’ve hosted this tournament for many years and it attracts a a good crowd of folks who love the game and look forward to trying out the environment created by a new mix of cards. Players receive Launch Weekend Promos, while supplies last. Booster pack prizes based on win-loss record at the conclusion of Swiss rounds. Random door prizes awarded too. 

• Magic4Kids Special Events (Ages 8-14):
Sealed Tournaments held on school vacation dates. Players use 6 Sealed booster packs to build a deck and play in the tournament. We supply everything you need to play. Everyone is eligible to play in every round. Prizes include magic packs and cards, and/or other promotional items. Event Fee: $25 + tax ($26.50). Calendar dates include: Back to School Friday, President’s Day & Easter Mondays, End of year Holiday break. 

• Magic Games Day - Standard format:
Saturday and Sunday, 4 weeks after the release date of a new Magic set. Participants receive a Games Day promo card, while supplies last. Saturday’s Game Day is structured like the FNM Standard tournament, lower entry and less prize packs. Sunday’s Game Day is structured like the regular Sunday Standard tournament, higher entry fee and more prize packs. 

Competitive Tournaments - Overall Information: 
Deck list required. Level 2 or higher judge(s) officiate. Modified Swiss Tournament. Swiss rounds are 50 minutes, best 2:3 games. After the completion of Swiss rounds, the Top 8 players compete in single-elimination finals to determine the winner. Check Calendar for up to date tournament listings, Format, entry fee, prizes. 

• Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ):
Format offered is based on WOTC specification. 1st Place earns an Invitation to play in a Regional PTQ, where players make their final bid for a spot on the Pro Tour. Top finishers earn booster pack prizes. 

• Starcitygames IQ - Modern or Standard:
Qualify for SCG Invitational Tournaments, win cash, playmats and booster pack prizes. heck calendar to confirm format, date, registration, and other details.

• TCGPlayer Championship Qualifiers & State Tournaments - Sealed, Modern or Standard:
Qualify for 50k Invitational and Championship. Generous booster pack prizes, awesome Top 8 playmats.